Linear guides and movement systems

Design, construction, and marketing of linear sliding units for simple or complex movements. The linear guides supplied by C.T.S. have developed and evolved over the years and are able to cover a wide range of uses. We can move anything from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms, adjusting the structures and mechanical parts in each case in the finest detail. The idle pin unchannelled rollers on which our systems run are available in both concentric and eccentric formats. The former are used to keep the carriage and guide parallel, with the option of setting pre-loading, eliminating play, and making the system more or less fluid. The 120° groove in the outer ring allows movement on both round steel bar, which gives a high degree of sliding (two tangent points), and on hexagonal bar. All rollers can also be supplied in the ZZ version, with a dust guard, 2RS that are waterproof, and 2RS which are waterproof and in stainless steel. Standard, widely used linear guides are driven by high strength toothed belts, but for special applications racks, chains, or screws are used. Twenty years experience in this sector has brought about progress and the possibility of achieving combined, three-dimensional movement. The highly modular nature of the system means that a number of linear guides can be installed to make portals and Cartesian axles to meet each client's specifications and needs. C.T.S.'s linear guides are set up for use with Bonfiglioli worm screw drives but when special adapter flanges are used, they can easily be motorised using any other type of gear motor. Finally, the controlled work centres in our mechanical workshop allow us to do exclusive machining to designs and allow the client to create the solutions that best meet their needs.